Ecology Action History


  We have replaced two broken down pieces of equipment with a new forklift and a newer model used truck. Our new contract with Abitibi for paper means we can collect more paper at our satellite centers which does not need to be hauled to, or processed through, our Operations department.

  As a founding member and sponsor, in 2006 we helped shape the Sustainable Shopper's Ball, Austin's first green living fair. We have tabled and recycled at five Sustain-a-Balls, educating the public about our recycling centers and center tours, as well as tabling at a number of other community events. Every September, we provide recycling and education at the Renewable Energy Roundup in Fredericksburg. Additionally, we have two outstanding new employees, Karly Jo Dixon, and Scott Crow.

  Ecology Action faces lots of challenges this year. We have been wrestling with how to meet increased use of our recycling centers in downtown Austin, Cedar Park and Bertram. We are gathering bids on rewiring the downtown center and adding a larger, faster cardboard bailer, a glass crusher, and possibly a paper compacter as well.

Thanks to 1333 tons of paper recycled
units Resource
5628 ga. Water
14,000 Trees
3,216 KWH Electricity
24 tons Airborne Particulates

In 2006 we recycled 1,867 tons of material::

  •  16 tons of aluminum (avoiding 51 Megawatt*Hrs)
  • 529 tons of cardboard
  • 390 tons of glass
  •  78 tons of plastic
  • 804 tons of newspaper
  •  49 tons of steel

Tamar Rivers for Ecology Action


Ecology Action was able to keep more than 1,925 tons of material from going into Central Texas landfills. In 2004 we recycled:

  •  15 tons of aluminum
  • 371 tons of cardboard
  • 425 tons of glass
  •  93 tons of plastic
  • 954 tons of newspaper
  •  40 tons of office paper
  •  45 tons of steel